Sweet Tooth Corner – Route 54 and Coastal highway

Fishers Popcorn in Ocean City and Fenwick Island

Little did I know when I moved off of Route 54 in Fenwick Island, that my willpower would be subjected to incredible temptation every time I stop at the light on the corner of Rt 54 and Coastal Highway (Route 1).

Fishers Popcorn in Ocean City and Fenwick Island
The Fenwick Island location of Fisher’s Popcorn is at the intersection of Coastal Highway (Rt. 1) and Lighthouse Road (Rt. 54).

As I sit waiting for the light to turn green, I am assaulted with signs that speak directly to my stomach. And no, they are not signs that advertise fresh vegetables or health food stores. These signs engage my sweet tooth and ensure that my middle-age spread will continue to spread unless I move to a deserted island!

  • On the southeast corner is the Fisher’s Popcorn building. Even from across the street, I can smell the sweet caramel mixed with the saltiness of the popcorn. Have they no mercy? Isn’t it illegal to sell addicting substances?
  • My eyes stray to the northeast corner. There sits a big ice cream cone advertising Kohr Bros. I console myself with the fact that their creamy frozen custard is at least lower in fat than regular ice cream. And just a few steps away is Candy Kitchen. An entire store filled with candy and FUDGE! Let’s just not go there.
  • On the northwest corner, the little Fenwick Boardwalk is just one sweet treat after another. The Hershey Island Creamery with its milkshakes and sundaes, the Funnel Cake Factory (If I get fruit on top would it be considered a healthy meal?), The Boardwalk Popcorn Company and Dunkin’ Donuts. Guess I might as well pick up a dozen for breakfast while I’m here!
  • The southwest corner doesn’t look like a problem at first glance. But wait a minute, “Free ice cream when you play unlimited games of golf” at the Down Under Miniature Golf Course. Now this could work. I consider walking the golf course while swinging at the little balls a form of exercise. You are engaging the whole body, especially when you’re bending over trying to fish your ball out of the pond.
chocolate covered dough balls confection
The Chocolate Covered Dough Balls at the Surf’s Edge Deli are a real melt–in-your-mouth treat.

Even if I make it through the area without stopping, Surf’s Edge Deli right next to the corner sells chocolate dipped strawberries, chocolate covered cookie dough balls and Smith Island cake pops. Just north of that is The Village of Fenwick, which contains a candy store called Sweets ‘n’ Treats, Ha Ha’s frozen yogurt and The Book End Café with home-baked scones, cinnamon rolls, and pastries.

But that’s another story for another day!

Yeah, I know…I have to move.

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